Thursday, May 28, 2009

House Updates Part Deux

Man! Being a home owner sure isn't easy! Ever since we got the keys to our house on May 8th Micah and I have been over there every day doing something to the house to get it ready for us to move in!

The first project was getting the popcorn ceilings out of there! They are soooo gross and not very pleasing to the eye. We called around to see what it would cost to have a professional do them. The quotes were between $3,000 and $4,000!!! Even if we HAD that kind of money I don't think we would spend it that way. So Saturday the 16th, Micah, his good friend Felix and my brother Tallen were assigned to the task. If you wanna see how its done, here is a link to a video. It cost us $700 in supplies and they had the whole ceiling scraped down in one day!
Project number two goes hand in hand with project number one. We then had to retexturize the ceilings. We started it on the 20th and finished on the 25th. We are going for an old world/Tuscan sort of look in the house, so I wanted a really rustic looking ceiling, a flat boring ceilings just wouldn't do. So we bought some sort of joint compound stuff for dry wall mixed it up and slowly by hand spackled all the ceilings. That was some serious labor! But OMG is it the coolest prettiest ceiling ever! We painted them Behr Swiss Coffee. We had a TON of help on this project from Josh, Tallen, Muriel, Becca, Chet and Kris. With out the help from them, Micah and I would still be standing on chairs spackeling.

This isn't the best picture, but you can see the ceilings are finished, the new fans (3 total) have been hung...and those grandma drapes in the background are gone as of last night!!!
We will call project number four the sanding of the kitchen cabinets. The previous owners fancied the 1980's bone white wash method....
This does not suit our tastes or go with the over all theme. So these are being redone. I took all the doors off and labeled them so they can go back in the right spots. Muriel got all the cabinet bases sanded and now we have a pile of doors waiting to be sanded. Then we can start the staining. We picked out Bombay Mahogany. I cant even wait to see the out come!

Project number five is painting the walls. Its been a fun looong process. Picking out the colors was a process all in its self. My friend Brittany who is getting her degree in interior design came and sat with us one Sunday afternoon and helped us pick out colors and how to use them. Micah and I grew up in houses that always had white walls, so now that we can paint colors we had no idea where to start. Here is our swatch wall...the FC and AW are out of the running. My friend Ashley came over and pitched in on the entry way wall, which we are painting in Behr Sly Fox (Its the SF color in the picture above). The dining room is being done in Behr Wild Porcini

We have ideas for the bedroom and our offices, but no paint swatches on the walls to show for that. Things are coming along nicely. We wouldn't be nearly this far along with out all the help we have received. Which we are so so thankful for! Stay tuned, more updates to come!