Monday, March 22, 2010

Olivia is going to be the next Mozart!

Meridith and Jamaal are in town right now! Meri hasn't seen little Livy in months so everyone went to Muriel and Mikes for pizza and Olivia time!

Olivia got to play the piano with her Uncle Stank. She really had a blast banging on the keys!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you a Gleek?!?!

Cause I sure am!
Sooooo there is this super awesome show called Glee that I looooooooooove! Every time I watch it, it makes me all happy! I feel like a freaken teenager! lol! Its about a high school Glee club set in my families home town of Lima, Ohio (how cool is that). There is tons of singing and dancing, it makes my little heart all a flutter!
So they are going on a LIVE TOUR!!! And Phoenix is the first stop!!!!! ::Squeal::

Luckily my good friend Sarah is also a Gleek and is going with me! Tickets just went on sale this morning and they are almost sold out! It took me 30 minutes to secure tickets!!! I cant believe we get to go to Glee! I am MORE excited about this then I was when I got to go see New Kids on the Block for the first time!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The ever changing kitchen

Soooooo once upon a time, our kitchen looked like thisHorrible 1980's white-wash cabinets with a lovely turquoise-ish counter top.

We did sand and stain the cabinets a mahogany color which really helped tone down the turquoise counters and bring our kitchen out of the 80's. (Here is the only pic I have right now, Ladmo helping butch install the new stove) We had a perfectly fine cook top that had a ton of storage underneath and a wall oven unit. Well our friend Josh's parents redid their kitchen and had a nice stove that they didn't want to go to waste so they offered it to us! I jumped at it, because that meant I would now have TWO ovens! Woot!

As it turns out, cook top stoves are much wider then a regular slide in range. So when Butch(my step dad) cut it out it left us with a good 5" gap on one side. We have plans to eventually redo the kitchen, so I wasn't to upset by it. So Butch put a piece of wood in the open area... (note you can see how the mahogany cabinets look against the turquoise counters in this pic)We decided we would cover up the wood with some tiles and make a little hot plate area of sorts next to the stove. I think it looks fine and will get us through until we can really reno the kitchen

This was our ghetto reno for the weekend :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Big weekend ahead, might even have time for bed, bath & beyond

I'm gonna be a busy bee this weekend!

Tonight I am thinking that I will shampoo the carpets and maybe take a crack at shampooing the "princess chair" Our chair and half and ottoman. I may even do a second coat of paint in the bathroom, I feel like it needs another. We shall see.

Tomorrow Butch (my step dad) is coming over to help us get our drip system in working order before it gets to hot out. Micah and I also want to conquer the master closet, get it cleaned out and maybe even up and running! I also have lunch plans thrown into the mix and babysitting little miss Olivia! Cant wait!

Nothing to much planned for Sunday, Ladmo and I have puppy school at 3. Our new teacher is super awesome, Ladmo is responding to commands a lot better. Now if we could just get him to quit biting us and eating his own poop we'd be golden!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Wedding Invites and Misc!

I don't think I ever attention whored them up on my blog!

These were our save the dates, this is the only thing the Deb didn't print for us.
The hubs did all the design work and then the wonderful Mrs. Debbie of Definitely Debra made all the printing, cutting and layout magic happen! She seriously is AMAZING! We used Envelopments paper. Our actual invite was on White Linen, our boarder color and the programs were in Wicked, our pocket color is no longer carried, the envelopes were white linen.

Here is the invite with all the inserts in the pocket, the band at the bottom was a belly band that wrapped around and had to be slid off to open the inviteHere is the invite with the inserts taken out. We had a RSVP and Map card
Close up of the invitationThe back of our invite envelopes. Micah designed our crest/monogramClose up of the RSVPOur programs, they have been dubbed the Diva program at the shop because they were so thick! We actually included our seating chart in the program, our final head count was 286 and I couldn't imagine almost 300 people crowded around a table trying to find the place cards. This made it easier.

The following signs Deb made for us, they turned out so sweet!

This sign was at the guest book table. This was at the candy buffetOur please don't drink and drive sign that was on the bar.One of our 35 table numbers!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello! Lucky

In case you haven't stumbled upon this sweet little stationery site yet, let me direct you their way.

Hello! Lucky's blog and their Website...both are AMAZING! The site has some of the prettiest letter press I have ever seen!

And their blog features amazing weddings and party ideas and just well, super fabulous stuff! Go lurk them! And buy me a few things while your over there, I need more pretty in my life :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This just in

Olivia does NOT like shopping...

This is what she had to say about it

She looks like she is channeling her inner Popeye