Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello Friday....The Anniversary Addition!

Good Morning! I am sooooo glad its FRIDAY!

Our dad got out of the hospital and has been home for a couple days now! He is doing really well and I am wayyy excited to go up to CO and spend Thanksgiving with him and my step mom!

As for the weekend is going to be jam packed! Tonight I have to take Ladmo to the groomers to get all fluffed and need to get some Christmas decorations up! Tomorrow I am working at Definitely Debra's! Love it! Then going out to dinner with my wonderful In-Laws...THEN...I know...THEN We are doing our Christmas photos for our cards! They will be sooo good! Cant wait to show ya!

And hold on to your hats!

SUNDAY marks mine and Micah's ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 So crazy! I cant believe one year ago we were in the final stretch of becoming man and wife! He is the most amazing person and I am so incredibly thankful to have him as my husband. I am SUCH a lucky girl!

So in the spirit of our Anny here are a few pics!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Santa...

The following is my *wish* list!

As always, clothes, gift cards and things like that are always on my list....But these are just some extra special things

I'm wanting to start a library of OLD books... I like the look of them. (The link is just an example.)

S&P to match out china! These are soooo cute I almost fell over when I saw them!

4-8 more place settings...We currently only have 4 place settings.

4-8 more dessert plates

Deep Fryer....To make very healthy food goodness with :)

Burberry (the original)...I'm running low.

ALSO please bring my husband a baby grand piano. He wants one badly!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Its the Friday post

First things first. As I type this my dad is in Abq, NM being operated on. 2 years ago he had colon cancer. He went through Chemo and surgery and last November was given a clear bill of health. A few weeks ago at a check up some cancer cells popped up. He has colon cancer cells on his right lung. They caught it fast and like I said he is in surgery now. Lots of thoughts and prayers his way that everything goes well and has a speedy recovery!!!

ALSO Ladmo was dropped off at the vet yesterday morning for a routine neutering. The vet called me about an hour later and said he had elevated enzymes in his kidneys. She said it could possibly be a fluke and be just that he was dehydrated (As they cant have food or water after midnight before a surgery) So he has to go back in 2 weeks for more tests. THEN the vet calls back like 20 minutes later and says Ladmo only has one nut...yes you read right, my dog is the one nut wonder! LOL. The right one hasn't dropped yet, so we are just going to wait and see if nature takes it course vs. an extra $200 for them to surgically go in and get it out. So we shall see.

As for this weekend it is pretty busy! Tonight I am going to hit up First Friday with my friend Becca.

Tomorrow I have to work, and then probably just lay low, clean the house.

Sunday I have a baby shower to go to! Woot! Can't wait to see the baby bumps and some of my lovely innerwebz lady friends :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

1.5 goals completed this weekend!

What a great weekend!

Halloween was a lot of fun! We had about 75 trick or treaters, not to bad...only about 5 handfuls of candy left.

Micah and I dressed up as Fred and Wilma
Ang, Ryan, Olivia and Muriel all came over to help pass out candy. We had a good time sitting in the drive way watching all the cute kids.
Ang was a flower, Ryan was a leaf and little Olivia was a Ladybug! To Cute
Sunday I woke up early and reorganized our freezer. Looks good in there. Should have been on my goals, but oh well.

I DID however complete a goal and a half!

#65 was to clip coupons every Sunday for a month! Last week when we went grocery shopping I saved $114 in coupons!! That's HUGE!

Also #42, We had the fireplace inspected and cleaned so we can start burning fires (As soon as it gets "cold" out here!) Its only half a goal completed, because we have to do it next year as well.

I also have half of one of my top seller books I am just plugging right along and getting goals done!