Friday, September 25, 2009


I cant believe I haven't posted any new pics of Olivia (My niece) since she was born! Little Livy Loo just turned 5 months old! Time really does fly and it is soooo amazing to watch her grow!
Fresh out of da tub
Hanging with her Homies
Liv at 4 months in the dress and blanket my mother in law Muriel MADE out of my sisters old wedding dress, seriously amazing!
Livy can grab her toes!
She is a very deep thinker
Olivia with Uncle Stank (my husband Micah)!
Blowing bubbles
Getting her Aunt Kiki kisses
Cuddling with Kiki
getting her diaper changed
Hanging with Uncle Stank on the 4th of July
Meeting her Grandpa Harry
It is true, Her auntie loves her :)

Can you be in love with body products?

Cause I sure am!

When Micah and I stayed at the L'Auberge de Sedona for our mini moon back in November, the hotel had our bathroom stocked with the most amazing smelling lotions, gels and shampoos!

I have been desperately holding onto my very tiny 1.5 oz bottle of Gilchrist & Soames (original, At least it has no other name that i know of)
It goes on really thin, but soaks right in and feels soooo good and the SMELL! Its seriously what I think heaven might smell like! Its so light and I think it could be worn with just about any perfume as its not very interfering or strong.

Any way I just thought I would share, I just put some on and I keep sniffing my arms :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cupcake Swap in August

Back in August I hosted a cupcake swap at my home.

The only reason why I hosted it was because I was really craving cupcakes and wanted a reason to be able to eat them and pig out and not be judged ;)

So of the 60 girls invited, 30 came...and THANK GOD only 30 came! I honestly didn't think through how many cupcakes would be in my home.

30 girls x 30 cupcakes each = 900 cuppies! Yes there was almost 1,000 baked treats in my home! Every flat surface was covered in cupcakes!

The plan was that each lady would take one of each cupcake home... Well, I don't know if that really happened or if people made extras or what...but at the end of the day I was left with OVER 200++ cupcakes! I called a local homeless shelter and they were more then happy to take them off my hands!

I will now try to remember whose cupcakes are which, and this clearly wasn't all of them...

Here are Both Marti and Whitney's cupcake...I forget what kind they were :(

Ummmm Gaaah I cant remember whose these were. I want to say Katie?? Ok! These were Mya's super tasty Pumpkin Spice! The Lemon Meringue Cupcakes belonged to the wonderful Becca These little Ice cream Cone cuppys were made by JenniAhem... These were both mine. The ones in the back are Tiramasu w/ Mascarpone and dusted with Cocoa, The ones in the front were supposed to be strawberry w/ strawberry meringue...I clearly failed at that...but they still tasted good.

The Sunflower Cupcakes were done by my Mother in Law MurielThese Raspberry jobbies were done by my sisters mother in law Amy! The Banana ones were also made by Jenni...I cant remember exactly what they were though.THESE were one of my favs of the day. Jessica made dark chocolate and BACON! Everyone was doubtful of them, but dang were they tasty! These were also one of my favs of the day! Coconut Cupcakes by little Mrs AmbieJaye made the Banana Fosters Cupcakes! Super yummo!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I cut my hair!!!

Here is a years look at my hair getting progressively shorter, to what it is now! Just cut last Thursday by the ever so talented Hooti!!!!!

Here it is in Feb of last year, about to the middle of my back when not curled.
Our engagement pic sessionAfter the wedding I cut it to just below my shoulders, This picture is with my new husband & Family the Elliots! Love them!
THEN I went to chin length! This is us in front of the new homestead
And just last Thursday I went for it!!! I chopped it all off! It is crazy short! For me at least!
I freaken loooooooove it! And so does Micah which is all that matters!

Meal planning....09/22-10/2

Dang it feels nice to know the answer to that nagging question "Whats for dinner?"
The best part is I have everything listed below at our house at this very moment! So no grocery shopping for the next week and a half! woooot! Usually I like to plan out the meals and then grocery shop around those specific meals...but this next week+ is called clearing out the freezer!

Today we are having left over WW (weight watchers) Santa Fe Chicken. We ate it over brown rice on Sunday, Tonight I am thinking making crazy nachos or burritos out of it!

Wednesday- Turkey Meatloaf (im going to do small individual meat loafs in cupcake tins) and Mashed potato's

Thursday-Baked whole wheat pasta dish, (Need to use up the Italian Sausage and ricotta) So maybe a Ziti? We shall see

Friday-Left overs and salad!

Saturday-BBQ Ribs & smashed Cauliflower w/cheese

Sunday-Steaks & baked potato's

Monday-Mac & Cheese with a side of peas

Tuesday-Chicken (haven't figured out what I will do with it yet)

Wednesday-Grilled Cheese & soup...Yummmm Perfect comfort food!

Thursday-Breakfast for dinner! Busting out the Belgian waffle maker! Scrambling some eggs!

Friday-Spaghetti and garlic bread

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our New Addition, LADMO

Ever since Micah and I moved in together I have been BEGGING for a dog. The place we lived in was just to small to bring a dog into (we have 3 cats already) and he always told me when we had our own place we could have a dog.

Sooooooo 5 weeks ago we got a puppy! A Shih Tzu to be exact! Micah's family has never had a dog before so its been a very new and exciting and SLOBBERY experience for him! Ladmo is now almost 13 weeks old! He is sooo much fun but such a handful!

The first couple night he cried, but has been pretty good since then. He does like to get up at 6a.m. though, so thats been fun. He gets his 4th round of puppy shots at the end of this month and then its off to the groomer with him! He needs to be trimmed up! We finally were able to trim his fanny, he was constantly getting poo stuck in his hiney fur! The first week we had him he got FOUR baths, poor guy.

The cats are doing o.k. with Ladmo. They can really care less that he is there. We feared Tuki would try to attack him but Tuki is the only one who has really gotten close to him the most.

With our further ado....The Ladmo

Bad Bad Blogger...

Wow...almost 2 months have gone by since my last post :(

TONS has happened!

I will list everything that has happened and then will make some individual posts with pictures I PROMISE!

I hosted a cupcake swap at my house

We had a house warming party

We got a new PUPPY!

I got a new car!

We went to Bisbee for Springs wedding!

We finished the hall bathroom!

I think thats all the excitment for the past two months! Our one year wedding anniversary is just around the corner! Where does the time go?