Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas was RAD! I had such a great day!

I took Christmas Eve off work. Micah and I got up early and went to the LGO for some amazing (As usual) breakfast and to pick up some of MJ Coe's dinner rolls (Tammie Coe's hubby). Let me school you on these rolls! They are the best freaken rolls you will ever eat. As far as I know, they are only made for the holidays, which is a crying shame....But totally gives ya more to look forward to! His Potato rolls (i.e. The dill rolls) are the BOMB-NONNIE! For serious! They were first come first serve at the LGO where they sell these suckers and Tammies delicious desserts and they said they would start selling them at 9 a.m. So we were there on the dot and I had a bit of a frantic breakdown when the chic working there kept trying to give me english muffins instead of the delicious dinner rolls. Luckily Micah was there to calm me down and save the day and go grab the rolls from the hidden little corner.

That night we had a random karaoke party at our house! D-frag brought his equipment over and we rocked the house til the wee hours.

Christmas morning we got up, wrapped our gifts and headed to my sisters house. This year we decided to draw names on my side of the family and it went really well, I think we are going to keep this going. Olivia of course was exempt from this and got spoiled. She was more interested in eating the wrapping paper though then opening gifts...Babies...Geesh. I helped Angelika put together her first hosted Christmas dinner and I think it went rather well! Everything tasted good and no one died ;)

As for my loot! I got just as spoiled!

Micah got me a Key pendent from Tiffany's! My first piece of Tiffany's! So excited!
He also got me my fav perfume which I only had a few drops left of!

Tallen drew my name. He got me a rad mail organizer which our house desperately needed AND a really freaken old book, the shop he got it from said it was over 100+ years old. I love it!

Debbie my FABULOUS boss lady at Definitely Debra's got me a set of my dessert plates! Eeeee! Some gift cards and a beautiful flower arrangement that is still living after 2 weeks in my possession! I seriously have the best boss EVER!

Muriel and Mike (My lovely in-laws) got me a calendar, an Amex gift card (cha ching), and a really cool headband that help relieve head aches, which I have already used :)

My dad and Linda sent us some tasty treats that Linda whipped up in her kitchen and some cash which is always helpful :)

My day job boss Roger's wife got me a really sweet pair of DC slippers that have soles on them, so I wear them when I walk Ladmo in the cold mornings :)

And my co-worker Jim got me some coral jewelry.

SERIOUSLY...Who is the most spoiled girl ever? ME!

Freaken Holidays and Puppy Drama!

So I have completely slacked on updating my blog every Friday. So that means I have totally blown one of my 101 goals. Wah wah... BUT I have good excuses! One being the freaken holiday madness! It gets the best of everyone! Two being I have been sick since Christmas, and The other being Ladmo drama!

So On December 7th (Which was Micahs bday) I took Ladmo in to get neutered. He was 5.5 months old at that point and the Vets really encourage you to have your dog neutered by 6 months to nip any bad behaviors/habits in the bud so to say. Well Ladmo had 1 retracted testicle. We had already taken him in a month prior to get neutered and decided to wait a month to see what would happen. The vet said they could still do the neuter, it would just be more involved.

The neutering went really good and Ladmo was doing reallllly well.I stayed home Monday with him, Micah stayed home Tuesday. That night we put a cone on his head, it was a blow up kind and I STRONGLY urge you to NEVER get this type of cone.Ladmo somehow figured out a way to get around it. On Thursday we came home from work and he had clearly been licking it all day, to the point that the incision came OPEN, Like open open people...it was gross. The vet was already closed for the day, so off to the emergency animal hospital we went! They were really good with him. Took great care of him. He had to stay over night, he had a huge infection and had dead tissue and muscle that had to be removed. He screwed himself up royally to the tune of ::gulp:: $1,000.00! Gaaaaah
So he had to get the lampshade of shame put on. As well as two drains. Micah and I had to give him warm compresses three times a day for 6 days, He had to get antibiotics every 12 hours and pain meds every 8 hours. Needless to say, I had to stay home from work with him on Friday. AND THEN to top it off got Jury duty that following Monday. My life!

Its 3 weeks later and Ladmo is in top notch shape. He got all of his stitches out and feels like a new man! He has even calmed down a lot which is rad!
And here is the best picture of Ladmo EVER! Back in November when we had originally taken him in to get neutered but decided to wait, Well I guess this is what the vet does to your dog when you aren't around! LOL! They totally put a headband on him! hahah So Cute! He is totally giving Olivia Newton John a run for her money here!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A very late Friday post

Bless me bloggers for I have sinned. I did not post on Friday like I was supposed to! Eeep!

For that I will give you a new restaurant review and get a little closer to marking off one of my 101 goals!

On Monday we went to Roka Akor for Micahs bday with Micah's parents Mike and Muriel!

The food was amazing!!!! The service was over the top! And it was just a down right fun atmosphere while still being very classy! We sat at the Robata grill and got to watch all the action.

The menu is comprised of a bunch of small dishes, it is all meant to be shared among your table. It comes out as it is made, so that was very fun, little tastes of stuff but never getting to full on one thing. I NEVER eat sushi, but since this place is on the top 10 list in the U.S. I decided if I was going to eat some this would be the place! And all I can say about the sushi was WOW! I didnt do any of the raw stuff (Im a weenie) but what I did eat I loved! I had the Roka Akor Soft Shell Crab Roll and I tried the Crispy Prawn Roll! All the Tempura was just amazing! The asparagus was so crisp. You also have to try their Shochu! Micah tried the apple, the pineapple and one other one that I cant recall...I tried a sip (I was the driver) They are very smooth and totally delicious!

I highly recomened Roka Akor for any special occassion yu might need to celebrate, ask to sit at the grill! Its fun

Thursday, December 3, 2009