Monday, June 1, 2009

O is for Olivia!

I saw this cute felt book online a few months ago and decided that I wanted to take a crack at it for my niece Olivia and spell out her name in pictures. I have never really done any hand sewing (Just stitching up a hole in clothes, nothing crazy) And I have never done any I went into this project pretty much blind and hoping that it would turn out half as cute as the one I saw online.
I started it in March, I worked on it just about every night after work, sewing for about 2-3 hours a night. And I spent one whole weekend sewing for about 6 hours a day! I finished it sometime around the end of April, just after Olivia was born :) I estimates that I put about 50-60 hours into this book.

Sooo here it is. Be kind, it was my first time.
O is for Octopus
L is for Lion I is for Insect
V is for Vegetables
I is for Ice Cream Cone

A is for Alligator (Micah drew this one for me, and then I cut it out!)The End...I just realized this is a boring page, it needs some bling :(


  1. Cutest thing!!! WAY creative!

  2. Sweetie, this is WAY adorable and what a cute little thing for her to cherish. You did a great job.

  3. crap! total crap! : ) just kidding. It's amazing! How you found the patience is amazing on its own!

  4. Omigosh. Your book turned out great. I may just have to steal this idea.

  5. You sure you've never done that before? It's so cute! I think Etsy is calling your name!

  6. T is for Too cute! You should sell these on etsy.