Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been a bad blogger!

My how times flys!

Micah and I are in full swing with this whole house hunting thing...We've felt like we've gotten really close a few times, but the houses had really crazy really illegal looking add-ons, so on ward we search. Hopefully we find the perfect one soon, because we are just sooo excited to become home owners! No one told us house hunting was like having a part time job, and well I already have 2 jobs, so this is like a 3rd for me!

Angelika's baby shower was this past Saturday! It went off with out a hitch! I cant wait to get pictures so I can get them posted on here! Her little Olivia is going to be one spoiled baby!

ALSO! I cut my hair off! I haven't had it this short in about 7 years???

Before the great chop AND After the great chop
My hair is looooooong gone! Its so nice, it only takes 3-5 minutes to blow dry now instead of the 15-20 minutes it used to take! My hair is extremely thick, so this new low maintenance do was much needed! Just in time for the sweltering heat of the AZ summers!
P.s. if you haven't caught on yet, I have zero blog skills, I type it and it looks one way, I publish it and its all chopped up and garbled looking....I need the hubs to teach me some computer tricks :)

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  1. The hair looks great Kirstin! Funny story. I met a past bride's MIL for a consult this week. It was Alicia who says she knows you from the Knot--I can't even remember how your name came up. She told me about your house search and that you had an offer accepted. Congrats! That first house is a great experience! :)