Monday, February 9, 2009

This past weekend was Busy!!

Micah and I had a pretty busy weekend... Friday night we ran a bunch of errands and did a pretty good cleaning of the house.

Saturday I had to work at Definitely Debra's, which was fun as usual. We had a really pretty invitation to put together on top of all the brides who were coming in. After work I rushed home because I was having the ladies from a chat site I am on over for a little girl time. It was loads of fun filled with laughs, wine and snacks!

Sunday Micah, his parents and I met up with Christie ( Who took us out to show us some houses!!! That's right! Micah and I are in the works to becoming first time home owners! It was a very exciting and educational experience. We toured 7 homes, only 1 was move in ready...we both liked it, but also thought it was a bit small...there was one that I just loved, it was a 1950's ranch home that had a bit of a ginger bread/grandma looking curb appeal which I love and as it turns out Micah HATES....I think this house buying experience will be fun, but trying.

After we parted ways with Christie the rest of us went to 5 & Diner and then onto the Willow District Home Tour...It was soooo much fun getting to see the inside of some of the most amazing homes in the valley.

After the tour, it was about 3 and Micah was feeling under the he laid down and I hit up the goodwill and Michael's to find some things for my sisters up coming baby shower. I had some success. Got home at about 530 rested a bit and then decided to bake a cake. I had full intentions of blogging about the cake...I took step by step pics all the way up to pouring the batter into the cake tins... I made a yellow cake and made chocolate butter cream frosting from scratch. Then I covered all the chocolate frosting with shredded coconut...I got soooo excited to eat it that I totally forgot to take pictures! haha so no choco coconut cake pics for you :(
sorry. It was mighty tasty if thats any consolation:)

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  1. A house??!?!?! That is so exciting!! Keep me updated! That is awesome, what a great time to buy, you will be able to get a lot of house for your money right now! Woo hoo!! Good Luck!