Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Meal Planning

Man where does the time go? Today marks 2 months of being a home does that happen? Time just slips on by.

Now that we are moved in and getting settled we are back to preparing meals at home! (Thank god, If either of us had to go through another drive through we were going to lose it) I've decided to start planning our meals a week or so at a time...this will help us with our budget, with eating healthy and will cut down on standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open asking what we should eat for dinner tonight time!

I set up an excel spreadsheet with 2 weeks laid out, I have a grocery list to the side and am going to try to inventory our pantry/fridge so I will always know whats on hand and what we need for certain recipes! Im pretty excited about this!

I went on Rachael Rays site to find 30 minute meals, so we can ease ourselves back into cooking. So here is the next 7 days meal plan.

Today: Whole Wheat Penne with Cauliflower Sauce

Thursday: Cracker and Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Friday: Pasta Arrabbiata with Eggplant

Saturday: Apricot Poppy Chicken with Dill Potatoes

Sunday: Grilled Shrimp and Grits with Spicy Salad

Monday: Creamy Parsley and Pistachio Fettuccine

Tuesday: Grilled Salmon with Wild Rice

I will also be trying to blog on these dishes as I make them!


  1. Can I come over for dinner? I do the same thing every week - and have been able to shave 250$ a month off of groceries every month this way

  2. And, I love that you are using a spreadsheet. I don't even go that far. Although, probably a good idea. : )

  3. Anda I make a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING! Seriously. Ask me when we are going to start having babies! Its ona spreadsheet! hahaa If im not organized like this, then I am the most UNORGANIZED person you will ever meet!