Monday, November 2, 2009

1.5 goals completed this weekend!

What a great weekend!

Halloween was a lot of fun! We had about 75 trick or treaters, not to bad...only about 5 handfuls of candy left.

Micah and I dressed up as Fred and Wilma
Ang, Ryan, Olivia and Muriel all came over to help pass out candy. We had a good time sitting in the drive way watching all the cute kids.
Ang was a flower, Ryan was a leaf and little Olivia was a Ladybug! To Cute
Sunday I woke up early and reorganized our freezer. Looks good in there. Should have been on my goals, but oh well.

I DID however complete a goal and a half!

#65 was to clip coupons every Sunday for a month! Last week when we went grocery shopping I saved $114 in coupons!! That's HUGE!

Also #42, We had the fireplace inspected and cleaned so we can start burning fires (As soon as it gets "cold" out here!) Its only half a goal completed, because we have to do it next year as well.

I also have half of one of my top seller books I am just plugging right along and getting goals done!

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