Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

As one of our wedding gifts, Micah and I were given a timeshare weekend in Sedona!

We headed up Friday night, checked in and laid low the rest of the night.
Saturday we went and had a nice breakfast and then headed out to do some hiking. It was Soooo cold out that you couldn't see your breath! Thats freaken cold. We hiked around Slide Rock Park for a bit. We found a creepy little shack that was falling apart.

Then headed up the 89A towards Flagstaff in search of snow. It was only about a 20 minute drive when we came to a huge open field full of knee deep snow!
(It was very exciting)

We were very ill prepared for the snow, I had on my chuck taylors (very non-water proof) and Micah had on a pair of shoes that had a hole or three in them (I have only been telling him to get new shoes for who knows how long). Also he then informed me that the soaking wet pair of socks he had on were his only pair for the trip, soooo on our way into town we stopped and got him some socks and me some soup!

Here is a fun video of me making a snow angel
After our adventures in the snow, we came back to the condo and relaxed by the fire. We watched the Muppets Take Manhattan and took a little cat nap. For dinner we found one of the most amazing Italian restaurants! Cucina Rustica! Its a MUST if you find yourself in the Sedona/Village of Oak Creek area!
Today marks our one month anniversary of being husband and wife! I couldn't be more happier!

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