Monday, December 15, 2008

I love 7th Avenue & the Melrose District!

This past Saturday I got to go to the antique and boutique shops on 7th Avenue (Between Indian School & Camelback) and let me just tell you, it was HARD to hold onto my money. I wanted to snatch up one of everything!

I really enjoyed Paris Envy, and decided that if I ever won the lottery and didn't have to work, that I would open up a little shop like that...they don't have a website, but I found their blog. ALSO their wall color was amazing, and believe it or not, they actually sell the paint there because so many people love it...and I am one of them! Here is a picture with the wall color in the background

Another shop I visited that doesn't have a website or blog or anything and REALLY should is Melrose Vintage! They had the most amazing things for sale and carried a lot of Rachel Ashwells fabulous items . Melrose Vintage also and had a huge room devoted to scrap booking, which I have just recently gotten into. I picked up a few fun things from there, like a pattern for a felt flower.... So I worked on that yesterday. Once I master them and they don't look like Franken-flower I will post a how to ;)

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