Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 RECAP!

I figured since I just started blogging I would go ahead and recap the best and the worst of 2008 as we head into 2009!

January 2008: Micah and I went to a NYE party where his short lived Battle of the Bands, band Gunf*ck played...

February-April:Ummm Im not really sure, nothing that I can remember at least. Probably just a whole lot of wedding planning.

May: My baccalaureate & bridal shower were in May over the memorial day weekend. I had it over a 3 day weekend so that Margie & Meridith would be able to come and join in on the fun! We had a really great time, On Saturday was the Bach. party activities. We went and took a pole dancing class which was so fun and a total riot watching everyone try to work the pole! That night we were set to go out to dinner and dancing...well half way through dinner I came down with a very terrible cold and ended up in bed by 1030. :( My bridal shower was Sunday afternoon and it was BEYOND amazing! I actually cried when I walked in because I was sooo overwhelmed that my sister and dear friends had put this amazing shower together for me! I got spoiled beyond belief with all the wonderful gifts!

Margie, Angelika & I at The Arizona Biltmore drinking mimosa's!
The girls all set for a night out on the town: From top to bottom, L to R
Margie, Whitney, Nicole
Vanessa, Jen
Angelika, Jessica, Spring
Me, ChristineJune: I cant place anything exciting in June...I need to work on my memory

July: Micah, Angelika & Ryan (My lil sis and her hubs) all headed up to Pagosa Springs, CO to visit my father and step mom. We had such an amazing time up there! We went horse back riding, it was extremely scary at first, I hadn't been horse back riding since I was about 10. I had sat on a horse back in 2007 for a photo shoot and it almost bucked me I was pretty freaked out, But I absolutely loved it! We also went white water rafting! It was towards the end of rafting season, so the tides weren't as large as I was hoping for but Micah and I still walked away completely soaked (we sat in the very front of the raft)! I also ate Buffalo burgers for the first time on this trip and loved them, I thought they would taste weird but they totally don't!

August: August was realllly hot...Arizona is the last place you want to be in August.
September: I found out my little sister was prego and that I was going to be an Auntie, I was over the moon to hear the great news! Baby Olivia will be here mid April!

October: October was BIG month of happenings!!! I turned the big 3-0 in '08! We hosted an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party, it was a ton of fun and most guests showed up dressed in fabulous costumes!

Also my father was given a clean bill of health, he had a year long battle with colon cancer, had a few scary emergency surgeries BUT came out on top in the end!
The Arizona State Fair was also going on this month, so me, Micah, and the In-laws (Mike & Muriel) Went one night with the sole purpose to eat dinner at the fair! I started off with cheesey curly fries, then a corn dog and a carmel apple and topped the whole night off with kicking the three MAE's butts at one of those water gun games!

And last but not least, a childhood dream finally came true! For my birthday my sister bought us tickets to go see New Kids on the Block!!!! It was soooo much fun, we met up with Michelle (Ang's SIL), Jen (one of my BM"s and a very dear friend) and her friend Kim! On our way into the venue we got pulled to the side and had our super high nose bleed seats upgraded for free all the way down to super sweet seats! We were all beyond excited!

Ang, Hooti & Dev helping get the bday party set up!
Christine, Me & Jason Micah (The Mad Hatter) & Me Dog pile on the chair, its about 3 a.m. at this point in the evening...
My EAT ME cupcakes and Tammie Coe Birthday towerSarah, Me, Ryan & Spring kareakoing up a storm...Group shot of all the guests who came dressed in costume! State Fair! NKOTB!!! Woot
Jen and I at dinner before the big show!
Seconds after getting free seat upgrades! Jen, Michelle, Angelika, me & Kim
November: What can I say, it was the most amazing month! Micah and I tied the knot in front of 284 of our closest friends and family! Our wedding day was beyond amazing. We took the following week off from work to spend with family, the Friday after Thanksgiving Micah and I went up to Sedona and stayed at the L'Auberge de Sedona (a gift from Micah's parents)! It was so amazing, we didn't want to leave. We had a private cabin right on Oak Creek!

Micah and I in Jerome on our Mini-moon

Out to lunch, My hair matched the walls!
The view of the creek from our front doorOur amazing bed! Complete with rose petals!
December: December got off to a rocky start. We celebrated Micah's 31st birthday and the very next day he fell victim to the economy when his company laid off some 15+ people. It was very heartbreaking for him, but in true Micah form had already made contact with a few people and had freelance work lined up that very day. He thankfully found a job very quickly. Our Christmas was nice, we spent quality time with family and just laid lowed and enjoyed married life.

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  1. dude that is seriously one crazy year!! can't wait to see what 2009 holds!!