Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cake Attempt Part 1.

Sooo I've decided that I really want to hon my cake baking skills... Ive always loved to bake, but its usually been cookies, brownies, cupcakes and fudge...Never a full on cake!

I took a crack at it last night, I didn't have a ton of time, so I made a boxed cake instead of from scratch...but MAN did this box cake come out like no other box cake I have ever had!
I used Pillsbury Moist Supreme Classic Yellow Cake Instead of using Vegetable Oil, I used straight up OLIVE OIL (NOT extra virgin or virgin) It made a WORLD of difference! The cake was insanely tasty!
I used two 6" round cake pans and a 2" one to have a little taste tester cake ;) I baked them per the instructions, let them cool in the cake pans on the rack for 10 minutes, then turned them over and took them out of the tins and let them cool on the rack another 10 minutes.
I had already had some butter cream frosting that I made from scratch a few weeks ago in the fridge. Homemade butter cream will last a good month in a tightly sealed container! Here is the recipe I used. I then Incorporated Smucker's Strawberry Syrup (1/2 cup plus a little extra) into the (pre-made) butter cream frosting...the color was slightly pink, so I used a little Wilton Pink icing color to make my icing a more pinkie color.

Once that was all mixed I was ready to assemble my layers, I sliced both cakes in half. The first layer was spread with Smucker's SEEDLESS Strawberry Jam

Then I placed the next layer on and it was spread with the Strawberry butter cream

The next layer was spread with the Smuckers jam, The picture below is before the jam was spread.
I then topped the 3rd layer with the 4th layer and then proceeded to cover the whole cake in the butter cream.

I then tinted the left over pink butter cream with Wiltons Violet icing color and then used Wilton Disposable Decorating Bags with a #18 decorating tip to make a star/flower shape around the bottom edge of the cake. I used a #5 tip for the little dot design on the top of the cake.

OF COURSE I had to dive right into it! One of the perks of living next to the in-laws is I can make things and then have them taste test for me! Here is what it looks like once its sliced into.

And yes I was so proud of my little cake that I posed with it


  1. Wow! Look at you go. I am sure it tastes just as good as it looks.

  2. Super cute! Love the apron too!!