Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My New Years Resolution

Well I didn't post my new years resolution on here....and I think I should so that way I will keep seeing it and be held accountable for it.

This year I would like to be a better home-maker. Micah and I have lived together for a little over a year now and we really haven't found our rhythm as far as the house goes. We both are always so busy and involved in projects that the house is always an after thought. I really want to live somewhere that I am proud of...with the way things are now, I am generally embarrassed when people come I have made us a weekly chore chart, like the kind your mom made for you when you were a kid. I think this will help us keep on track. Once we have this down then we will spread out...We have lofty goals for the front and backyard such as starting an herb and vegetable garden, and I want roses in the front yard.

Here is our chore chart!

EVERYDAY: Dishes-rinse and load in dishwasher only run when there is a full load. Wipe down counters, wipe out kitchen sink, Quick tidy of house (Put shoes away, put mail away, nothing left out on counters or tables)
Monday: Sweep all floors, Quick bathroom clean (Sink, mirror, toilet), Cat box
Tuesday: Dust, Wipe down appliances, clean microwave, one load of laundry, cat box
Wednesday: Tidy the bedroom, Organize one other thing (Closet, drawer, mail), Cat box
Thursday: Sweep floors, One load of laundry, Cat box
Friday: Dust, clean bathroom, mop floors, cat box
Saturday: Change sheets, one load of laundry, Cat box
Sunday: DAY OF REST!!!!

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  1. I was just thinking of attempting to make a "chore" list. Not so much of a responsisbility list but just to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Looks like you have it pretty well figured out. I hope it goes well.