Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our New Addition, LADMO

Ever since Micah and I moved in together I have been BEGGING for a dog. The place we lived in was just to small to bring a dog into (we have 3 cats already) and he always told me when we had our own place we could have a dog.

Sooooooo 5 weeks ago we got a puppy! A Shih Tzu to be exact! Micah's family has never had a dog before so its been a very new and exciting and SLOBBERY experience for him! Ladmo is now almost 13 weeks old! He is sooo much fun but such a handful!

The first couple night he cried, but has been pretty good since then. He does like to get up at 6a.m. though, so thats been fun. He gets his 4th round of puppy shots at the end of this month and then its off to the groomer with him! He needs to be trimmed up! We finally were able to trim his fanny, he was constantly getting poo stuck in his hiney fur! The first week we had him he got FOUR baths, poor guy.

The cats are doing o.k. with Ladmo. They can really care less that he is there. We feared Tuki would try to attack him but Tuki is the only one who has really gotten close to him the most.

With our further ado....The Ladmo


  1. Ladmo! As in Wallace and Ladmo? What a great Arizona native reference. Cute stuff! We're up to three dogs now they definitely make life a little brighter!

  2. HI Amanda!!!! How are you!?!? Yup, THE Ladmo! hhehe Such a handful!