Friday, September 25, 2009


I cant believe I haven't posted any new pics of Olivia (My niece) since she was born! Little Livy Loo just turned 5 months old! Time really does fly and it is soooo amazing to watch her grow!
Fresh out of da tub
Hanging with her Homies
Liv at 4 months in the dress and blanket my mother in law Muriel MADE out of my sisters old wedding dress, seriously amazing!
Livy can grab her toes!
She is a very deep thinker
Olivia with Uncle Stank (my husband Micah)!
Blowing bubbles
Getting her Aunt Kiki kisses
Cuddling with Kiki
getting her diaper changed
Hanging with Uncle Stank on the 4th of July
Meeting her Grandpa Harry
It is true, Her auntie loves her :)

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  1. I bought that same onesie for my niece (my auntie loves me).