Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meal planning....09/22-10/2

Dang it feels nice to know the answer to that nagging question "Whats for dinner?"
The best part is I have everything listed below at our house at this very moment! So no grocery shopping for the next week and a half! woooot! Usually I like to plan out the meals and then grocery shop around those specific meals...but this next week+ is called clearing out the freezer!

Today we are having left over WW (weight watchers) Santa Fe Chicken. We ate it over brown rice on Sunday, Tonight I am thinking making crazy nachos or burritos out of it!

Wednesday- Turkey Meatloaf (im going to do small individual meat loafs in cupcake tins) and Mashed potato's

Thursday-Baked whole wheat pasta dish, (Need to use up the Italian Sausage and ricotta) So maybe a Ziti? We shall see

Friday-Left overs and salad!

Saturday-BBQ Ribs & smashed Cauliflower w/cheese

Sunday-Steaks & baked potato's

Monday-Mac & Cheese with a side of peas

Tuesday-Chicken (haven't figured out what I will do with it yet)

Wednesday-Grilled Cheese & soup...Yummmm Perfect comfort food!

Thursday-Breakfast for dinner! Busting out the Belgian waffle maker! Scrambling some eggs!

Friday-Spaghetti and garlic bread

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