Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cupcake Swap in August

Back in August I hosted a cupcake swap at my home.

The only reason why I hosted it was because I was really craving cupcakes and wanted a reason to be able to eat them and pig out and not be judged ;)

So of the 60 girls invited, 30 came...and THANK GOD only 30 came! I honestly didn't think through how many cupcakes would be in my home.

30 girls x 30 cupcakes each = 900 cuppies! Yes there was almost 1,000 baked treats in my home! Every flat surface was covered in cupcakes!

The plan was that each lady would take one of each cupcake home... Well, I don't know if that really happened or if people made extras or what...but at the end of the day I was left with OVER 200++ cupcakes! I called a local homeless shelter and they were more then happy to take them off my hands!

I will now try to remember whose cupcakes are which, and this clearly wasn't all of them...

Here are Both Marti and Whitney's cupcake...I forget what kind they were :(

Ummmm Gaaah I cant remember whose these were. I want to say Katie?? Ok! These were Mya's super tasty Pumpkin Spice! The Lemon Meringue Cupcakes belonged to the wonderful Becca These little Ice cream Cone cuppys were made by JenniAhem... These were both mine. The ones in the back are Tiramasu w/ Mascarpone and dusted with Cocoa, The ones in the front were supposed to be strawberry w/ strawberry meringue...I clearly failed at that...but they still tasted good.

The Sunflower Cupcakes were done by my Mother in Law MurielThese Raspberry jobbies were done by my sisters mother in law Amy! The Banana ones were also made by Jenni...I cant remember exactly what they were though.THESE were one of my favs of the day. Jessica made dark chocolate and BACON! Everyone was doubtful of them, but dang were they tasty! These were also one of my favs of the day! Coconut Cupcakes by little Mrs AmbieJaye made the Banana Fosters Cupcakes! Super yummo!