Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 9 Months Olivia!

Little Livy is getting sooooo big!

She army crawls super fast now! She is also getting a little attitude, Its to cute! She is also very particular about her toys. None of her farm animals can be in the barn yard, if you put them in there she crawls over super fast and flings them out of there! LOL! She also has a little tea set that has a little plate of crumpets on it...She insists that NO crumpets be placed on the plate.

Ang sends me phone pics a couple times a week since I am an Olivia addict. Here she is just this morning :)
This is from a couple weeks ago. Olivia got to eat her first grilled cheese sandwich! Look at how happy she is! Love it!

Here She is sampling some yogurt for the first time! Haha Love the look on her face! Priceless

Happy NINE MONTHS Olivia! Next stop ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!

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