Friday, January 22, 2010

Holy Storm Batman!

Wow! So supposedly AZ is getting one of the worst storms its seen in like 10-15 years. Yesterday we got somewhere around 7" of rain, which is generally the amount we get for the WHOLE year!!! Nuts!

We even had a tornado warning, which thankfully didn't come near us...AZ is not really equipped to handle a tornado, we don't have basements for crying out loud!

As far as I can see, our house didn't suffer any damage. Our pool is pretty full...but that's it.

And my very sweet husband got Ralphie (the little blind homeless kitty that lives under our bush who has adopted us) and stuck him in the garage with his food and a little bed so he could ride out the storm safely. :)

Not to much planned for the weekend. I work at Deb's tomorrow...Have to go grocery shopping at some point as our house is pretty bare. Have a good weekend!

Oh! And check me out on Yelp!

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