Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tried another new restaurant!

Goal #14 is almost complete!

On Friday me, Micah, And our friends Josh, Sarah and Kevin all went out to eat at the Cork'N Cleaver. It is a steak house, and steaks are always good in our book!

When we arrived we were seated promptly....at the very very back of the restaurant in a room where no other people were sitting. I'm not sure if it was because we are "young"... we were dressed dressy casual, all the guys had a button up or Polo on. Not sure what the seclusion was for. Its not THAT fancy of a place.

We were seated, a girl came by for our drink order. When our waiter finally came over he handed Sarah a meat cleaver! The menu is actually on a huge "knife". That sucker was heavy. I told him that it was all of our first times being there. He just said ok. Really? No informing us of the place. No welcome. Nothing. I was less then impressed.

We all finally ordered, the cool thing is you get a side and a trip to the salad bar for the cost of your meal. Prices there ranged between about $29-45. Ruth's Chris prices but they included a side and salad so its a good deal. They brag about the large salad bar, and while yes it is large, and I thought the chilled metal plates where neat, the salad bar was not impressive. The cucumbers and carrots were in realllly thick slices, not one bite or manageable slices. They also had caviar and anchovies on the bar....along with gummy bears and some sort of ambrosia grandma looking concoction.

The dinners arrived, Micah, Sarah and Kevin all ordered the prime rib and all ordered it medium and with a baked potato...hard to mess up right? Wrong, they brought Micah out some rice? Josh and I both got the New York strip. I was less then impressed. For $39 I expected a lot better cut and the way it was cooked just wasn't great.

Overall for the price you get a ton of food...but is that always best?

I don't see us going back. It wasn't terrible, but not impressive in the least. The services was terrible.

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  1. aww. What a bummer! I dont get the second room thing. Well, at least now you know :-)