Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Tilapia Recipe!

I didn't take any pictures :( Sorry. But it is super easy!

So last night we had Muriel (my MIL) over for dinner, Mike was out of town.

I made Tilapia on a bed of mashed sweet potatos with a pancetta and sage breadcrumb topping!
It was sooooooooo easy and sooooooo tasty! I found the recipe on

I bought frozen tilapia and baked it, the recipe said to fry it in a skillet with butter...but I try to cut corners where I can.

poke hols alllll over 3 large sweet potatos. Put them in the microwave for 8 minutes. Turn them over and go for another 8 minutes. Turn again and another 5. They need to be soft enough that a knife slides right through the middle. Once they are done and soft. Slice in half. Scoop out the potato into a bowl. Add 1-2 tbs butter, some salt and pepper and maybe 2-3 leave of the fresh sage torn into pieces. Mix until smooth.

It called for fresh breadcrumbs. This made me nervous, i had never made them before. It was super easy. I tore up a couple pieces of bread. Stuck them in the magic bullet and a couple seconds later, fresh bread crumbs.

I took 2 oz of Pancetta, diced it up small and cooked it over medium heat until it got crispy. Removed it from the skillet and then dumped the breadcrumbs right in to toast up in the leftover pancetta "grease" While the crumbs were toasting I added 3 TBS of fresh sage that I just hand tore into small pieces and tossed those in with the bread crumbs. Total toast time of bread crumbs, about 5 minutes. Then add the pancetta into the bread crumbs and mix around.

To set the plate. Do a pile of the sweet potato mash, Lay the tilapia across the potatos, and then pile a nice heaping mound of the bread crumbs on top of the fish!

Really easy and amazing. Muriel said she felt like she was eating at Sierra Bonita or Houston's! lol

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  1. This sounds great and I love tilapia! I'll have to try it :]