Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yelp Desert In Bloom VIP Party!

That's right, the Elliot's attended a V.I.P. party, so L.A.! haha

So I Yelp, In case you didn't know. I love food and I love complaining (or praising if it so deserves) Well last night Yelp hosted a Yelp In Bloom Event for people who review on Yelp, They only allowed a limited number of people and the Hubs and I got to be one of the lucky few! There was all the food and drinks you could handle for as far as the eye could see, and then some! They also had music and a circus school there doing acrobats! Who knew Phoenix had a school for that!?!

The event was hosted at the Desert Botanical Gardens. If you have never been and you live in AZ, then shame on you because you are missing out on something really special! And let me tell you its just as amazing at night as it is during the day. I love how the desert smells after the sun goes down.

I am going to try to remember all the restaurants that were there, I know there were way more but this is all I can remember:

Cein Agave They had Shrimp ceviche there, the hubs said it was fab!

WildFlower Bread Company They had this AMAZING deconstructed sandwich with a spicy mashed potato served in a martini glass! So yum!

Roka Akor We went to this place for Micah's Bday! So awesome to see them at this event, and Unlimited sushi, in Micah's book is = to heaven! I did have a California roll and it was delightful!
The Gelato Spot & XOXO Bakery I could eat gelato all day long! I had the Snickers and Micah had the chocolate, both were amazing!

Let Them Eat Cake They had the cutest cupcakes there, and you know I love cuppys! Micah had his last night, It was a vanilla cake with Bavarian cream, I snuck a taste and it was good! I am saving mine for tonight I snagged a lemon cake with raspberry filling!
Mama Mia The pizza was good, we will order from them! Also they had pasta and meatballs, I thought I was going to loose Micah to the pasta last night, he loved it!

Makers Mark we didn't make it to this booth

Salty Senorita I am generally not a fan of this place, because its so watered down with Scottsdale socialites...but let me tell you they make a mean chips and guacamole! Lordy!

Petite Maison They had Foie Gras there, we skipped this both do to the yuck factor

The Mission This place the line was to long, I think they had some sort of soup there

Butter & Me Sadly these people were rude, all we got was an apricot bar, which was tasty, but no cupys, they had like 6 on the table and seemed to be guarding them with their lives

Cruz Tequila When I drink tequila my shirt comes off and this was not that type of party, so no tequila for Kiki

Karlsson Vodka We skipped this booth as well, we had to trek it back to the west side, so just one beer each was all we had.

Session Lager We each had a glass of this! Micah got the Dark and I got the regular. Both beers were really good and really clean tasting! Loved it!

5th & Wine They had a few different types of breads with toppings going on. The bruechetta was really good, The hummus was off I just wasn't a fan.

JJ's Brownies Super yummo and the ladies there were really nice!

Hehe this picture is cute, we snapped it on our way out the door.

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