Monday, March 15, 2010

The ever changing kitchen

Soooooo once upon a time, our kitchen looked like thisHorrible 1980's white-wash cabinets with a lovely turquoise-ish counter top.

We did sand and stain the cabinets a mahogany color which really helped tone down the turquoise counters and bring our kitchen out of the 80's. (Here is the only pic I have right now, Ladmo helping butch install the new stove) We had a perfectly fine cook top that had a ton of storage underneath and a wall oven unit. Well our friend Josh's parents redid their kitchen and had a nice stove that they didn't want to go to waste so they offered it to us! I jumped at it, because that meant I would now have TWO ovens! Woot!

As it turns out, cook top stoves are much wider then a regular slide in range. So when Butch(my step dad) cut it out it left us with a good 5" gap on one side. We have plans to eventually redo the kitchen, so I wasn't to upset by it. So Butch put a piece of wood in the open area... (note you can see how the mahogany cabinets look against the turquoise counters in this pic)We decided we would cover up the wood with some tiles and make a little hot plate area of sorts next to the stove. I think it looks fine and will get us through until we can really reno the kitchen

This was our ghetto reno for the weekend :)


  1. Just FYI, in the interim, Rustoleum makes a laminate counter top paint. :) Cheap, easy, no long term commitment. Unless you like the turquoise?

  2. Thanks Mya! I have heard about this paint...Have you used it? It kinda weirds me out to paint counters, but it could be a great way to update things until we can fork out the moola

  3. I haven't used it (we have granite, no painting that!) but I have every intention doing so in the new house. I have heard good things though. It sounds like the process is kind of a pain (you have to drape your kitchen in plastic, and you can't use your sink) but as far as effort/cost goes, its WAY easier than new countertops!

  4. Lookie what I found!