Friday, March 12, 2010

Big weekend ahead, might even have time for bed, bath & beyond

I'm gonna be a busy bee this weekend!

Tonight I am thinking that I will shampoo the carpets and maybe take a crack at shampooing the "princess chair" Our chair and half and ottoman. I may even do a second coat of paint in the bathroom, I feel like it needs another. We shall see.

Tomorrow Butch (my step dad) is coming over to help us get our drip system in working order before it gets to hot out. Micah and I also want to conquer the master closet, get it cleaned out and maybe even up and running! I also have lunch plans thrown into the mix and babysitting little miss Olivia! Cant wait!

Nothing to much planned for Sunday, Ladmo and I have puppy school at 3. Our new teacher is super awesome, Ladmo is responding to commands a lot better. Now if we could just get him to quit biting us and eating his own poop we'd be golden!

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