Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I dont have baby fever AT ALL....


Seriously....my friends need to stop getting knocked up! And Olivia needs to stop being so darn cute! My baby fever is in over drive, but we are not acting on that right now and I am totally ok with that....HOWEVER that does not stop me from looking at things, taking notes...it will be my turn sooner then I think and a girl has to be prepared.

So at Kim's shower she got a super awesome Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag and it made my heart go all a flutter when I saw it. Seriously, who am I and why do diaper bags all of a sudden stop me in my tracks? So I went on the site today, and I fell in love with a diaper bag. I want to get something that will be unisex and that poor Micah wouldn't be embarrassed to carry. I always feel so bad when I see a dad carrying a bright pink diaper bag. I will not do that to the hubs.

So here it is It is THE COOLEST bag ever. I love that you can wear it as a bag pack if you need to. Also the little changing pad that flips out is pretty dang cool as well!

I had to go to Buy Buy Baby on Saturday to shop for three different babies, and I did browse around as well. I fell in love with this super cute bedding. I love that it is gender neutral, I really don't want to find out the sex of what we are having when that time comes and Micah really does...we shall see... At any rate, I thought this could be cute for a boy or girl

So there you have it folks, I have baby fever and already have a diaper bag and bedding all picked out. I am sure if Micah is reading this post he has already fainted or gone running for the hills! LOL


  1. mmmm hmm See I told you Petunia is the bomb.. I love her bags. I'm ordering the boxy back back in black orchid ? Maybe I think I have my eye on a different fabric.. Anyway - Great Pick.. :0)

  2. Oooh is the Black Orchid the one with the yellow changing pad? Me likey that one to :)

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