Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sasquatch Burger

Sooooooo There is a place here in town called The Lodge that makes these Sasquatch burgers. I have never been to the restaurant but I read the description and HAD to have one!

So on my way home from work last night I stopped at the store and picked up the few things needed to make this burger.
Thin white bread
American Cheese
Bacon (I got the thick cut kind)
Onion (I used sweet)
Hamburger (I used Angus burgers)

That's it...that's all you need.
Micah grilled the burgers up, just put a little Tony's seasoning on them.
I caramelized the onions, made the bacon and made the grilled cheese sandwiches. That's right...There are no buns used in this hamburger, instead the bun is replaced with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches.
Make everything as you would normally do, and assemble.
I was only able to eat half. Micah somehow ate the whole thing! I asked if his left arm was tingling this morning, but he seems to be ok :)

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