Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy week/end

Man its been a short work week for me but its been so dang busy! And this weekend shows no signs of letting up either!

Wednesday Micah and I went over and Angelika and Ryan's (My sis and BIL) House for dinner. Let me tell you, my sister is becoming quite the domestic diva! Dinner was tasty!

Micah and I got some good solid Olivia time in! She gets bigger and bigger each time I see her!
As for this weekend, I have to work tomorrow, then bake a cake and some cupcakes for a lovely friends baby shower. Sunday is the actual baby shower...poor thing, she is 31 weeks pregnant with twins and has been put on hospital bed rest until they arrive, so her baby shower had to be moved to the hospital. Say a little prayer that Meleah's little lady bugs stay put and keep growing!

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