Friday, October 9, 2009

Its Friday!

So one of my goals was to blog at least ever Friday.

So here we are Mr. Friday!

I am really looking forward to this weekend! Tonight I am having my very good friend Jen over for dinner. It was her birthday a while back and I had told her I wanted to make her dinner...Well she is crazy busy and just came up for a breath of air! She requested my Mac and Cheese (Which I will blog about next week) So dinner tonight will be fun!

Tomorrow I am working at Definitely Debra slinging wedding invitations! It sucks that I have to work on the weekends, BUT I love working there sooo much that its really not work. The people I work with are so amazing and I much rather call them my friends then my coworkers :)

Sunday Ladmo has puppy school! He's been extra barky and bitey these past couple weeks so hopefully we can get some input on that. Then we are going to try to go to the Greek Festival that is going on all weekend. I've never been and Micah has been dying to take me, so hopefully our day goes well and we get to go to it.

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