Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun weekend and some 101 goals!

Goal #92 is now complete...I think a 3 day trip to L.A. counts as a family vacation!
Also Goal #14, We went to a few new restaurants. Toast, Madeo, Beachwood BBQ, Basix

L.A. was quite the fun weekend!

Before we left for L.A. Micah dropped Ladmo off at the groomers so he would be all fresh and clean. Micah even let them put a bow in his hair because it was my bday :)Muriel had picked up sandwiches for us to eat before jumping on the road AND she surprised me with some cupcakes from Tammie Coe! I ate the Coconut one, it was uber fab! Ladmo did surprisingly well in the car, he really slept the whole way. I drove from 7pm til about 11-11:30ish and then Micah had to take over, as I usually go to bed by 10 so I was getting dangerously tired.

We rolled into Meridith and Jamaal's house about 130 am-ish.
Saturday we got up and had breakfast at Toast. People there went NUTS over how cute Ladmo is. It was a bit ridiculous. After breakfast we went to the shops on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. We passed by a hair salon and a couple ladies came out to pet Ladmo, one of them even cried...so strange. Ladmo even got to go shopping in the Gap! After shopping we went back to Meri's to rest and get ready for Muriel and I's birthday dinner at Madeo which was amazingly tasty.

Sunday we got up waaaaaaay to early. We met up with my cousin Jason and all went hiking up to the Griffith Observatory, even little ladmo went! It wasn't really a super hard hike, but considering I am a couch potato, well my legs STILL hurt 3 days later. Afterwards Micah and I showered and headed down to Seal Beach to meet up with Erik and Jess and meet their new baby Orion! So cute! Once back in L.A. everyone was pretty well beat. I met up with Jason for some din din and then went back to Meridith's and crashed pretty early.

Monday we got up at a pretty good time, had some breakfast with Jamaal (Meri had to go to work :() Then we were on the road by noon. Micah and I stopped at the large dinosaurs and had some fun playing with Ladmo. We got home around 630pm and we were beat. I don't even think I made it all the way to 9pm! ha!

Ladmo is ready to be discovered!


  1. OMG I LURVE his little sweater!!!

  2. Omg, how fun! I LOVE that you took Ladmo and got him all cleaned up for his big trip! Awesome :)