Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy weekend coming up!

Annnnnnnnd hit the ground running!

Today is my step dad's bday, so we are headed over to my sisters House to grill some steaks and eat some pie! Yummmmm

Tomorrow I have to work and then its our friend Kim's bday. We are going to Aunt Chiladas and I am very excited because I looooove Mexican food and Micah, well not so much. SO I dont get to eat Mexican as much as I would want to. So this will be a treat. After we are going to karaoke. I am hoping i have enough margaritas that I finally do some karaoke in public! LOL

Sunday is Whitneys Bridal Shower!!!!!!!! Its breakfast at Tiffanys themed! Should be a super fun time!

Between all those activities Micah and I will be doing some major spring cleaning around the house!

I am already tired from the weekend.

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