Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday is for lovers

Its Valentines weekend!

I'm pretty excited! Micah and I have been doing a ton of spring cleaning around the house and its shaping up nicely!

Last night we went to Macy's, Micah is in dire need of a new suit, the only one he has has cigarette burns in it from when he smoked yearssss ago and we also decided that it was most likely the suit his mom got him for high school graduation. We have a bunch of weddings coming up and it was high time. So I saw Macy's was having a sale. We go, he finds two he loves, they were over $1,100...BUT with all the discounts and what not we walked out of there with 2 suits for $320!!! HOLY SALE BATMAN!

In Olivia news, She has a cold and doesn't feel good :(

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