Thursday, February 25, 2010

Micah made dinner last night....

And it was soooooooooo tasty!!!!

I have had a crazy week at work and was just to tired to make dinner last night. I asked him if he was up for taking on dinner. On the meal plan our options were chicken picadillo stuffed peppers or sweet and sour shrimp. He chose the shrimp.

This dish has a lot of steps, but OH MY GOD it is soooo worth it. I was so impressed with the hubs last night!

Here is the recipe he followed

Here is a pic, sorry its a bit dark.

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  1. I went to leave a comment and wouldn't let me yesterday so lets try again.
    I for some reason didn't realize that your Hubs name was Micah, and its funny because John and I were talking and I said I really like the name Micah if we have another boy and he said YEP me too.. So anyway - I saw your post and was like HEYYY... Anyway - back to the regualr post.. that food looks amazing I think your hubs should come cook for us.. :0)